Fitzroyalty is a location aware hyperlocal news site that features stories on the suburb of Fitzroy in Melbourne Australia and reflections on life from a socially libertarian, economically socialist, culturally anarchistic and radically individualistic point of view.

Fitzroyalty was launched in May 2006 and is published as a free community service for Fitzroy residents and visitors.

Editorial policy

Fitzroyalty does NOT publish advertising or advertorial content. It does NOT accept offers of free food, goods or hospitality. When a business, product or service is reviewed it has been purchased by the author as an anonymous consumer.

Repeated unwanted and rejected marketing advances are illegal under the Spam and Privacy Acts, and will be dealt with as a criminal invasion of privacy and harassment.


Historically Melbourne’s first suburb, Fitzroy has a diverse and vibrant culture, and is a popular eating, music, shopping and entertainment area, as well as being one of the most densely populated areas in Melbourne.

Fitzroy is a viable place to develop a hyperlocal platform about because it is a natural community. Residents and visitors have a strong understanding of the area’s culture and value its combination of art, style, commerce, community and politics.

Location aware

Fitzroyalty provides location specific content through geotagging. Many posts and are geotagged and mapped. Viewers can dynamically view the content about places nearest them.