I have looked at Process, a new shop on Brunswick St, in confusion a couple of times over the past month or so. I watched it being fitted out, and looked at its website, where many of the product details remain missing or incomplete.

It has all the signs of a hobby or lifestyle that someone is attempting to turn into a business. But that’s not how business works. Businesses exist to meet needs, to provide goods or services for which there is a demand.

I’m not sure how many young men with an interest in BMX bikes, street fashion, dogs and Japanese wooden toys exist in Melbourne. It’s a complex Venn diagram of a demographic to target. One that largely doesn’t exist, I suspect. It must be a small niche that can’t possibly support a high street shop.

By the time I bothered to stop and take a photo to illustrate this story a ‘for lease’ sign had already appeared in the window. It’s been open only a couple of months.

process hello goodbye Process

hello goodbye Process

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