I was cycling north on Nicholson St yesterday running errands and stopped when I saw something that was new to me. It was Buenos Dias, which is a new South American themed cafe on the North Carlton side of the street in a building that was previously the home of Crafternoon, though it’s been vacant for some time. They’ve been open about three months.

While I was looking at it from the footpath, trying in vain to find a menu in the window, a staff member came out and gave me the promotional pitch. I was soon convinced and went in for lunch. I had a very good coffee and ordered the calentao rolo, which is a Colombian rice and beans dish with pulled pork that is topped with fried eggs and avocado, with an arepa.

The rice was delicious, the avocado fresh, and I had to keep reminding myself to eat it slowly so the pleasure would last longer. The arepa was quite different to those I’ve had at other places over the years, like Cruzao, Leche and Sonido. This version has almost the firmness and crispness of a cruskit type biscuit, but with delicious corn flavour. Calentao rolo is a traditional Columbian breakfast dish and I loved it.

Buenos Dias is an excellent addition to the quiet bit of Nicholson St, and I recommend visiting them.

buenos-dias lunch at Buenos Dias in North Carlton

lunch at Buenos Dias in North Carlton

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