I recall first entering this building (the facade is all that remains of the original) when it was the Overdosa dosa popup a few years ago. Fabrica is a new cafe where the very short-lived Horse on Heels was in the front of a new apartment building next to the Rose St markets.

The interior seems mostly the same. I don’t know if it is a rebrand or if there are new operators. It’s all light bare timber blue features, very pleasant and calming. With the new outdoor eating smoking ban the courtyard in the front will be a lovely place to sit, especially once the plants have grown, rather than a barrier to getting to the smoke-free interior.

The menu is now a contemporary mix of dishes common to many cafes – smashed avocado, granola, a bowl of stuff – rather than the novelty waffle specialty. My macchiato was very good and strong just as I like it. I chose the san benedictus eggs – slow cooked pulled pork and two poached eggs with champagne hollandaise on sourdough.

I’ll start with the good news – champagne hollandaise is spectacular. I wanted more and not just because it was so delicious. It had been cleverly poured so as to neatly cover the eggs, but the bad news is that while the meat was tender and not dry it was a bit bland. The dish needed something else, or at least more sauce.

On a first impression Fabrica was reasonably good without being particularly memorable. I think they’re worth trying.

fabrica breakfast at Fabrica cafe on Rose St

breakfast at Fabrica cafe on Rose St

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