I stopped in to Tora Dumplings on a recent weekday for a late lunch about 2pm. It wasn’t busy but there were a few people inside. The lunch rush must have finished. I got a glass of water and a menu promptly but then had to actively draw their attention to order. The floor staff seemed new to the job.

I ordered spring onion pancake, which is a favourite of mine, and pork and prawn dumplings in chilli oil soup. I’m please to say the food is really good: the pancake, which is really more like roti, was fresh and flaky and full of fresh fragrant sliced spring onion. It may be the best I’ve had. At many similar places it has already been fried and then when reheated it becomes hard and dry. This was soft and delicious.

The dumplings were also really good and the soup was a chicken broth with a little oil. This dish varies a lot across dumpling places. In some it is more oil than soup, and the chilli heat varies. This is a pleasing addition to Brunswick St and is worth returning to. Give them a go!

tora-2 lunch at Tora dumplings on Brunswick St tora-1 lunch at Tora dumplings on Brunswick St

lunch at Tora dumplings on Brunswick St

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