Yesterday included an excursion to explore the new North Fitzroy library with a friend. On a sunny day the rooftop deck is a fantastic place to sit and chat, surrounded by garden beds full of rosemary and sage. But we needed food first.

timothy-3 Breakfast at Timothy's in North Fitzroy

We started with coffee at El Chino, as I like their food, but their weekend staff were dithering and feckless and so we decamped to the newish Breakfast at Timothy’s to eat.┬áIt’s where North Fitzroy Social used to be, so that must have lasted about 3 years. The interior seems much the same. The photo above shows the cafe from the first floor of the library.

timothy-1 Breakfast at Timothy's in North Fitzroy

My friend ordered the eggs benedict and I the breakfast stack featuring polenta, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and poached eggs with pesto. We were both satisfied with our choices. The tomatoes in particular were deliciously ripe and flavoursome.

timothy-2 Breakfast at Timothy's in North Fitzroy

There’s been a lot of change on this strip in the last couple of years, with the departure of the last of the old diverse businesses – the hardware, the newsagent and the toy shop – and its further gentrification. I’m not sure it can support another lifestyle homewares shop but I hope the area can sustain charming cafes like Breakfast at Timothy’s.

Breakfast at Timothy’s in North Fitzroy

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