I walked along Gertrude St enjoying the cold sunshine yesterday and was surprised to see that Mighty Boy Eatery has closed. It lasted about 3 years. I was even more surprised when I Googled Hangar, its replacement, and learned that it is a chain already established in such esteemed locales as Chadstone and Docklands.

What potential do they see in the west end of Gertrude St next to Cutler and Co, and on the same strip as Marion, the new Basta (previously Casa Ciuccio) and the Donkey wines store and cafe (the former Ciuccio cafe)? This section of Gertrude St also has Grumpy and The Dreaded One’s Little Cafe of Awesome and Catfish / Sparrow’s Philly Cheesesteaks across the road.

hangar goodbye Mighty Boy Eatery, hello chain cafe

As far as I can tell Hangar serves bejazzled milkshakes and generic pub food like chicken parmas and steak sandwiches. Just like the short-lived New School Canteen, this does not sound like a cohesive or enticing offering, or one that is well matched to the immediate environment or potential customers.

During weekdays there are hospital workers lunching at cafes like Awesome and Garden View around the corner on Nicholson St, and people enjoying the delightful Sonido and Breizoz crepes. I can’t see a unmet need that can be satisfied by Hangar. I can’t see this lasting.

goodbye Mighty Boy Eatery, hello chain cafe

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