After years of watching the local government election process and being underwhelmed by its mediocrity, I decided to do something to reflect how it looks from a typical voter’s perspective. Prior to the last local government elections in October 2016 I wrote how the requirements are so inadequate that candidates do not have to publish sufficient information about their policies to enable voters to make informed choices.

failure-to-vote apparent failure to vote

I decided to conscientiously object to voting in the election based on the common sense idea that there was no point in making an uninformed choice to vote at random for a candidate whose policies I did not know. As there was no candidate in my ward who published comprehensive information that persuaded me to vote for them, I chose not to vote.

Participation in local government elections is low because the system is broken, corrupt and pointless. Most candidates are either hacks wanting practice before attempting to get elected to state parliament or corrupt business people seeking power and influence. Few genuinely want to achieve anything for the people at the local level. Why pander to their folly?

During last week a letter arrived from the Victorian Electoral Commission informing me that they had detected that I had apparently failed to vote in the election. I have sent my explanation back to the Victorian Electoral Commission and will fight their efforts to fine me to the bitter end.

It is not my fault as a citizen that local government elections are fucked. I’ve never seen a candidate for state parliament campaigning to fix this problem. I’m not paying them to placate their antiquated sense of authority. If you get one too, do the same. Tell them to fuck off and fix the system before they can expect any cooperation from the citizens they betray with their mediocrity.

apparent failure to vote

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