Look at the image below. It was originally posted yesterday on the City of Yarra’s Facebook page featuring the sentence ‘18% of household’s [sic] income is less than $600 per week‘. I posted a comment that the apostrophe was wrong, just for lols.

They replaced the image with a new version on Facebook, but didn’t delete the original from Twitter. I didn’t expect them to make it worse, but they did. They supposedly fixed the text by removing the apostrophe in the new version posted on Facebook. But that didn’t make the sentence grammatically correct, it just changed the error. They really are incompetent.

C18DJAyUkAAHLU9 the City of Yarra can't write good

The best way to correctly write this sentence would be ‘18% of household incomes are less than $600 per week’. Plural and possession are different. FFS City of Yarra. Employ someone who has completed primary school to write your social media content.

There are other examples, such as ‘82% of our economy is made up by small to medium businesses‘. It should be ‘of’, not ‘by’. Whatever.

15937004_1426021094088313_7543505248804895597_o the City of Yarra can't write good

the City of Yarra can’t write good

One thought on “the City of Yarra can’t write good

  • 14 January 2017 at 6:39 pm

    Don’t ever give up Brian! Grammar is a worthy cause. My pet peeve is confusing amount with quantity: “This weighed less kilograms…” Wrong: should be fewer kilograms. And Woolies with “10 items or less”. The wonderful book “Eats Shoots and Leaves” should be required reading!


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