Recent Brunswick St arrival Fairy Floss tribal fashion is a curiosity. Originating from Byron Bay, I associate the Mad Max / Waterworld aesthetic with feral hippie music festival types, who are not closely associated with Fitzroy, at least not Fitzroy as it is now.

A tribe whose followers appear naturally averse to establishment behaviour like paid employment can’t afford to live in twenty-first century gentrified Fitzroy, or even buy high street fashion. I wonder how they feel about the commercial commodification of their aesthetic?

Like other sub-culture related businesses that have failed in Fitzroy, such as Rhombus surf shop or Furious Platinum hip-hop fashion, Fairy Floss seems out of place. We’ll see. I can’t see it lasting.

Back in my uni days in the feral 1990s I recall them turning up late to tutorials complaining about their new piercings being infected. Not surprising really when your personal hygiene is so obviously questionable. If you don’t want to wash every day, don’t sit so close to me.

fairy-floss two tribes

They were mostly spoilt private school types rebelling against their parental suburban sliced white bread world, with a drug addled confusion at encountering the concept of personal responsibility for the first time relatively late in life.

Consequently, they could never understand the difference between accountability and persecution. Getting a 0 and being failed for not submitting an essay is not victimisation. It is the obvious consequence of a transparent and objective policy that applies to everyone. You’re not unique or special, snowflake.

Their mannequins are currently tin foil conspiracy theorists protecting themselves from mind control. The original hippie mannequins at nearby Hunter Gatherer appear uncertain about their new neighbours…

hunter-gatherer two tribes

two tribes

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