I’ve been to Mina No Ie on Peel St in Collingwood more times than I can remember, but it’s been a while. It became the destination for an impromptu brunch recently, and is as good as I remember it. My companion had the tonkatsu sandwich, while I avoided a heart attack with the ooki breakfast – an omelette with mushrooms, leaf salad, spinach salad and toast. This was extremely satisfying and exactly what I needed after doubting why I’d got out of bed.

Mina No Ie was a pioneer on Peel St, and has now been surrounded by new competitors. I’m one of those terrible fickle consumers, often chasing the next new thing, but this time I wanted familiarity and a guarantee of quality. Their coffee amazing and Mina No Ie remains a wonderful place.

minanoie-1 brunch at Mina No Ie in Collingwood

minanoie-2 brunch at Mina No Ie in Collingwood

brunch at Mina No Ie in Collingwood

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