Is this the best Sri Lankan curry restaurant in the CBD? I think so, but just to be thorough I’m going to try them all. The variety of dishes they offer each day, and from one day to another, is quite amazing. The basics are in the main marie, but it pays to read the special board for more options. Sheni’s is always busy, and is only open during the day.

The daily specials usually get my vote. They’re not in the bain marie. The person who serves you takes your order, fills your plate with rice, and disappears back into the kitchen where I assume the special is served straight from the pot. There’s a sense of anticipation.

I love the roti canai, which is shredded roti and vegetables in a kind of stir-fry.¬†Yesterday’s special was fish pickle curry with jackfruit curry, dhal, a finely diced green salad and red rice. $11 gets you a small plate which is quite enough for most people (the large is a little bigger and is a dollar more). It’s exquisite.

shenies-curries lunch at Sheni's Curries on Russell St

lunch at Sheni’s Curries on Russell St

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