So much for the idea of ethics in tagging whereby the work of supposedly respected artists will not be defaced by moron taggers. Adnate’s section of the huge council funded mural on Leicester St has been seriously defaced by taggers.

In my recent post about the lack of ethics in tagging I suggested that a work by a woman artist was tagged because the artist was a woman, but a commenter suggested that the sexist graffiti could be interpreted as being directed towards the woman character painted on the wall. In other words, it was an expression of hostility towards the image of a woman in public space.

I’m tempted to use this interpretation here. Has the image of a woman here been defaced because of the artist (a man) or the character in the image (a woman)? So much for the claims of those supposedly in the know that the work of such well known and respected artists would not be tagged over. Naive idiots.

sexism-leicester-st more sexist tagging on Leicester St

more sexist tagging on Leicester St

2 thoughts on “more sexist tagging on Leicester St

  • 29 October 2015 at 10:18 am

    wait, so what exactly is sexist about this tagging? talk about reaching for something to be outraged about.

    • 21 April 2016 at 11:37 am

      How about … everything? Domination of public space with macho posturing, disguised as artistic expression? Male taggers “capping” the work of women whenever and wherever it occurs in public space? Another recent example would be the domineering “Nost” cap over the well known feminist mural in Smith St. – and of course, a couple of years ago when paste ups were all the rage – a street art form in which women were participating in reasonable numbers at the time – they were being systematically sprayed over in some sort of macho competition for generic “ownership” of walls by taggers. And now here we have a representation of a woman in public space who is not there as eye candy, but as a subject in her own right. Basically, tagging is “totalitarian” in the true sense of the word. Tagger “culture” aims to dominate and nullify any other discourse and expression than its own thoroughly formulaic expression. It has nothing to do with Hip Hop culture, nothing to do with authentic artistic and personal expression, and everything to do with a privileged male sense of outrage at not being front and centre 100% of the time in street culture.


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