Preloading, in case you don’t know, is drinking at home before you go out because it’s cheaper to get drunk that way. You then arrive at the club or gig already smashed and don’t waste too much money on drinks at expensive bar prices. It’s reasonable behaviour, but discarding your goonbag at the tramstop is somewhat tacky. By all means party on, but put it in a bin.

preloading preloading


One thought on “preloading

  • 29 September 2015 at 9:06 pm

    Yes that reminds me. With summer approaching the preloaded will proliferate in my area of Fitzroy. Not just discarded beer, vodka bottles but Maccas packaging and anything else that the car owner decided should be dumped in the gutter, rather than stay in his or her car. I regularly clean up the mess outside my place, the only thing that I hate more are the brain dead graffiti taggers who regularly hit my place but at least now I just contact Yarra Council to get the graffiti busters on the scene. My rates at work!


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