I may have gone a bit overboard with winter and the craving for meat but I am unapologetic. Lamb ragu. Goat roll. Reuben sandwiches. Yes, those. Lady Melville in West Brunswick does one with a difference. The basic recipe as I understand it is corned beef, cheese, sauerkraut and mustard. Instead of corned beef, Lady Melville use pastrami, which is similar but different enough to be interesting.

The best thing is they don’t make a slim pile like an average Australian sandwich – they make a huge fat pile of meat like a proper American sandwich. Oh yes. All this for $14. It’s worth cycling up hills into the wind for. The coffee is a bit average in contrast to this exceptional sandwich, but it’s cosy inside and the staff are nice and the menu overall is better than those of many similar places.

salty-reuben-lady-melville brunch at Lady Melville in West Brunswick

brunch at Lady Melville in West Brunswick

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