I was walking through North Fitzroy and on impulse stopped at the North Fitzroy Social cafe and enjoyed a reuben panino for lunch. North Fitzroy Social has been open for more than a year now but this is the first time I’ve managed to visit. It’s a  lovely addition to the North Fitzroy village. The panino was substantial. Cheese, mustard and sauerkraut. Perfectly delicious. And served with cornichons and housemade pickled vegetables. The pickled fennel was delicious.

My only complaint would be that such a generous slab of corned beef can be difficult to bite through, and I would have eaten more delicately if it had been sliced and layered. As it was I tore it apart with barely restrained hunger as I had worked up quite an appetite that morning. I may not have been elegant company but fortunately I was alone at the time.

north-fitzroy-social-reuben lunch at the North Fitzroy Social on St George's Rd

lunch at the North Fitzroy Social on St George’s Rd

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