I wasn’t impressed with the food on my first visit to Ethos cafe on Brunswick St and, a couple of coffees aside, I haven’t been back (at least to eat). It seemed to change owners a while back and has gradually become increasingly suburban in its aesthetics and menu.

Now the menu is full of suburban food and suburban spelling, including lots of random incorrect apostrophes. I despair. It’s not that hard to get it right. If in doubt, don’t use apostrophes at all. Using none generally results in fewer errors than using them at random. Why is is that salads doesn’t deserve its own false apostrophe?

This looks like a sure way to kill a Fitzroy cafe. Spag bol and bogan apostrophes? Is this what customers want? I don’t think so.

apostrophes new menu with bonus apostrophes at Ethos

new menu with bonus apostrophes at Ethos

One thought on “new menu with bonus apostrophes at Ethos

  • 29 May 2015 at 9:03 pm

    S’illy apos’trophe’s :-)


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