The food court in the Paramount building has seen better days. Some of the shops are empty. The vibe is subdued. But a new shop has opened recently. Chef Lanka is a new city location for an established suburban restaurant, and it’s cooking fantastic Sri Lankan food at very modest prices.

It’s cheaper than the established and much loved Sheni’s Curries on Russell St and, because of the seating in the food court, you can actually get in whereas Shenie’s is often full. $9.90 gets you a large plate with 2 meat and 2 veg dishes, plus rice, papadum and chilli and chutney.

The dishes change every day. There’s usually fish, and chicken, lamb, beef or goat curries. Vegetables have included zucchini, okra, eggplant, potatoes and chickpeas. This is one of the best tasting and best value lunches in the city.

chef-lanka lunch at Chef Lanka

lunch at Chef Lanka

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  • 9 May 2015 at 5:33 pm

    I like Chef Lanka a lot, especially their eggplant and okra. Try the Thai next door at Me Dee too – the chilli pork soup is terrific.


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