At high school I had a Mauritian friend. By year 12, there were only 3 of us left in French class, him and the 2 most literary Anglos in the school. The bogan government school dropped French after that. He taught me proper slang swearing. A decade or so later I went to Mauritius and had an amazing week there. Fast forward to Melbourne and the long since gone La Case Creole Mauritian cafe in Kensington, which served great food.

creole-kitchen-lobby lunch at Creole Kitchen Lobby on Lonsdale St

I retain a fondness for things Mauritian and was excited to read about a new lunch place opening in the city, Creole Kitchen Lobby on Lonsdale St. I went and tried one of their lunch boxes, which contains a grilled house made flatbread, a salad and a drink for $15.

I chose the pulled duck flatbread with coconut sambol on top, Mauritian slaw (made with wombok and a chilli vinaigrette instead of mayo) and a Pearona pear flavoured softdrink. I was pleased with the food and impressed with the space, which is the foyer of the Oaks hotel. The lunchbox trend arguably began with Cafe Vue years ago but it’s not tired. Neither is the street food trend. I appreciate the cuteness and informality. You should try Creole Kitchen Lobby.

lunch at Creole Kitchen Lobby on Lonsdale St

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