The former Hudson’s cafe is gone and in its place on Gertrude St is something new that is even better than I anticipated. Mighty Boy Eatery is a daytime cafe (evenings forthcoming) doing breakfast and lunch dishes with a variable Asian influence. I met a friend for lunch the other day and we enjoyed ourselves. Mighty Boy is busy already and we were fortunate to get a table.

mightyboy3 lunch at Mighty Boy Eatery on Gertrude St

She ordered pad thai while I had duck rice paper rolls and a lamb roti wrap. My friend thought the pad thai was delicious and was also almost defeated by the substantial size of the serve. The rice paper rolls were good and the lamb wrap was sensational, like a kebab in roti, which is a nice variation. At $10 it is closely comparable in cost and size to the average kebab around Fitzroy.

mightyboy4 lunch at Mighty Boy Eatery on Gertrude St

My friend had a coconut drink and I ordered a coffee. I waited for a while and it didn’t arrive. When I managed to get the wait staff’s attention and asked after it she apologised and admitted forgetting it, ordered it and said it was on the house in compensation.

mightyboy2 lunch at Mighty Boy Eatery on Gertrude St

I really appreciated that because, while it is easy to see that a new business will take time to develop its workflows, it’s thoughtful to recognise that first impressions count and this positive response is the kind of thing that makes me want to return. So Mighty Boy is mighty, serving modestly priced and generously sized meals with lots of flavour and a smile.

mightyboy1 lunch at Mighty Boy Eatery on Gertrude St

lunch at Mighty Boy Eatery on Gertrude St

2 thoughts on “lunch at Mighty Boy Eatery on Gertrude St

  • 4 September 2014 at 1:04 pm

    I’ve had a couple of lunches there so far, but am waiting to give them a bit more time to sort everything out before blogging. We went on day #1 and had 5/6 orders stuffed up – they were lovely about it though, as you say. I’ve been really impressed by the food too – especially the roti wraps and, although my heart will always belong to Sonido, I’m pretty sure Mighty Boy will be a regular (especially if they start doing the rice paper wraps as takeaway!)

  • 24 September 2014 at 6:44 pm

    I ate there yesterday and had the most bland pad thai (chicken) I think I’ve ever tasted – luckily a few squirts of sriracha managed to liven it up. My friend ordered a crispy skin chicken salad. After waiting 30+ mins for it to arrive she enquired with the staff; it appeared the kitchen had overlooked the order. Ten minutes later another dull pad thai arrived, but by then my friend was too hungry to send it back for what she had originally ordered. The staff were great about it and didn’t charge her, but it certainly seems like Mighty Boy is still experiencing teething troubles.


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