Majority is a new cafe where Grill’d used to be – just off Brunswick St on Kerr St. It looks somewhat suburban and generic and I was hesitant but curious in equal measure and decided to try them. When I arrived my friend was already seated. I greeted her and sat and we started talking. Despite the wait staff acknowledging my arrival no one came to take our order and we were the only people in there. Oh dear. Eventually I had to turn and ask to order.

I can’t criticise them in isolation for the service when the service in many places is bad, but often it seems bad by design and this just looked inept. When I first went to Stagger Lee’s, for example, there was no ‘eye contact (smile optional), have a seat and I’ll be with you in a minute’ from staff as they went by delivering coffees. It was the apparently deliberate ‘I will completely blank you until I am ready to give you a glass of water and menu’ approach. I hate this. How hard is it to be friendly and welcoming? I’ve turned and walked out of some places because of this.

We ordered: green eggs and ham for me and granola for her. The eggs were really good and the ham was Berkshire and delicious. My friend liked her granola too. So the food is better than the decor suggests. The garnishes (see further examples below) are naff though. The coffee was good but not impressive, and not as good as the one I had the next day at Little Cafe of Awesome. The verdict? Worth trying for the food as you should be able to get in on a weekend if nearby places like Breakfast Thieves or Babka are full.

majoritycafe1 breakfast at cafe Majority on Kerr St

The demise of Django Django opposite Majority may be a minor lucky break, but I suspect that Majority is not going to flourish without some visual changes. The outdoor seating area helps bring some visibility from Brunswick St, but in terms of PR and online they need to do more to look sophisticated and enticing. It’s hard to get noticed if you don’t fit into the current trend and don’t have lifestyle PR aggregator sites hyping you to the masses.

majoritycafe2 breakfast at cafe Majority on Kerr St

What led me to try Majority was a series of tweets:

breakfast at cafe Majority on Kerr St

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