I usually don’t do promotions of businesses as opposed to reviews, but this deserves an exception. In the small building on Johnston St, next to the petrol station, businesses have repeatedly opened and failed. I reported two months ago that a new Thai restaurant called Chilli Lili was setting up in the building, and it has now opened. I’m fascinated by the decision-making that goes into opening a business in a location like this.

I’m impressed with its appearance and the menu looks good, but they’ve opened using discount vouchers and the dubious single review commenters on Suburbanspoon are already complaining about how the slow service ruins the ‘all you can eat for $29’ offer, which is obviously too good to be true. Who remembers the¬†Cruzao¬†voucher debacle? How is this going to work? Has anyone tried them yet?

chillilili1 Chilli Lili has opened on Johnston St

chillilili2 Chilli Lili has opened on Johnston St

Chilli Lili has opened on Johnston St

One thought on “Chilli Lili has opened on Johnston St

  • 11 November 2015 at 2:26 am

    Everyday I drive pass this location and watch the multitude of businesses fail in this location. The rent must be so cheap, or the agent provides free rent for like 6 months.. Nothing has worked here… zero foot traffic, parking is limited and not the most obvious place to dine leaves this place for an epic fail.


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