The Cubbies children’s playground on King WIlliam St opposite the Town Hall faces closure after 40 years of service to the Fitzroy community. Cubbies has been an essential communal back yard and play area for children living in the Atherton Gardens high rise public housing estate and nearby properties where open space is otherwise lacking.

The need for Cubbies seems static. As long as high density housing exists, a place like Cubbies is needed to give kids space to play. So why do successive governments behave as if the need is highly variable and changes from one year to the next? This issue last surfaced in 2010 when Cubbies faced a struggle to retain federal government funding. This has now been withdrawn.

When governments play politics with community organisations real people end up being hurt, but the new federal government appears to want to inflict widespread suffering on the poor. A campaign to save Cubbies has been initiated and it is seeking community donations to keep operating.

Cubbies children’s playground faces closure after 40 years

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