The government doesn’t understand that some people fuck for pleasure, not in exchange for financial security. In recent years, several court cases have demonstrated how Centrelink does everything it can to define people as being in de facto relationships to reduce or eliminate the benefits to which they are entitled.

The courts have examined appeals where people have eventually won their cases against Centrelink. These individuals have been forced to fight the government to prove their autonomy and individuality in order to retain their benefits. In so doing they have also fought to have the recreational nature of their sexual behaviour identified for what it is, and for it not to be misinterpreted by the government.

Since the 2008 changes to de facto laws I have defined the government’s position as being ‘all relationships are effectively prostitution’, as the government is obsessed with connecting sex and financial security. But a 2013 example showed that the courts are not so willing to concede to this unfounded assumption. Now more examples have been examined by the courts.

In this recent example, it was determined that a man and woman were not a formal de facto couple despite cohabiting and having a child because they were financially autonomous and had sex sporadically only to satisfy their individual desires, not as a confirmation or representation of a romantic relationship.

In this example the woman claimed single parent benefits for years but later tried to use the family court to claim a share of her former partner’s assets, which failed because the evidence overwhelmingly indicated they were not a genuine couple. You can’t have it both ways.

In another recent case, Centrelink tried to deny a woman the carer’s benefit for her work caring for her invalid mother because one of the men she had casual ‘friends with benefits’ sex with was her housemate. Centrelink was not interested in the obvious fact that her housemate was not her de facto partner and had not made any indication that he would support his housemate financially.

The message is clear Centrelink bureaucrats – some individuals fuck for fun and it has nothing to do with money or establishing or perpetuating de facto relationships. Lovers do not have an obligation to financially support each other and the government cannot assume that this should happen.

people don’t fuck for welfare

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