Gypsy Hideout has been the best cafe in the Westgarth strip at the southern end of High St in Northcote for about two years, but seemingly is no longer. The larger cafe Barry, which has been open for several months now, is regularly packed and serving excellent coffee and food. I had lunch there recently during a break between sessions at the French Film Festival at the Palace Westgarth cinema opposite.

My Korean chicken sub with kimchi and nori mayonnaise was spectacular. It comes with more of the kimchi and the mayo on the side so you can add lots of extra flavour if you desire, and I do. Give me all the kimchi! I love it. The mayo is amazing too. The pieces of chicken breast were delicious, crisply crumbed and tender inside.

The kimchi is quite mild compared to the type I buy at the Korean grocery shop (also called Kimchi) on Brunswick St, which has much more chilli and is extremely pungent, but it’s still most enjoyable. Chasing a plate thinks the extra kimchi and mayo on the side is redundant but I like it. Barry has a flat entry from the footpath and plenty of space inside to accessibility is better than many cafes. Staff are friendly and helpful and overall it’s a very pleasant space in which to spend time eating, drinking and relaxing.

barrynorthcote lunch at cafe Barry, High St Northcote

lunch at cafe Barry, High St Northcote

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  • 8 March 2014 at 8:59 am

    Gypsy Hideout is still great though! I have been there many times when Barry is too crowded. Westgarthians have it good.


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