I’ve been working my way westwards from Collingwood eating at the African restaurants in the inner north. My last destination was The Abyssinian in Kensington and I consider it to be one of the best. The mixed platter contains chicken, beef and fish with 2 kinds of lentils and also beans.

Like the Little Africa mixed platter it has much more meat than vegetables, but the meat dishes contained less oil than at Little Africa, which was too oily for my liking. At Savanna in Collingwood, a mixed platter is all vegetable with a side serve of meat. At Horn across the road the vegetable platter is similar (the meat pictured there was an additional order included on the same plate).

None of these places does roughly equal amounts of meat, vegetable and legumes, which to me would be the best balance. Like Little Africa, the injera at The Abyssinian was fresher and much nicer than at Horn. The platter was more expensive than at other places but it was also obviously larger, with more wats included. We struggled to (almost) finish it.

The pumpkin included here was really good and I’m keen to return to try some of the a la carte dishes, including one which uses kangaroo meat. I’ve had kangaroo in European, Chinese and Japanese dishes, but not African or Indian. It seems like a plausible adaptation. The Abyssinian is a pleasure to eat at and the service is very friendly. The beers are good too.

abyssinean dinner at the Abyssinian in Kensington

Below is a map of the places I have visited so far. My criteria are basically a restaurant must be in zone 1 and easily accessible by public transport or bicycle. I’m determined to work my way through all the African restaurants in Footscray next…

dinner at the Abyssinian in Kensington

2 thoughts on “dinner at the Abyssinian in Kensington

  • 20 February 2014 at 10:14 am

    The Abyssinian has been on our ‘to visit’ list for about 7 years. There’s just something awkward about getting to Kensington I guess. We had a phenomenal lunch at Dinknesh (Lucy) in Footscray on the weekend – apparently they’re one of the few places around town that bake their own injera.

    • 20 February 2014 at 10:35 am

      It’s going to take some time to do everything African in Footscray! Thanks for the tip on Dinknesh. For me Kensington is a nice cycle through Royal Park with a fantastic view of the city at night.


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