Once I get started on a project, I have a tendency to become obsessed. The current obsession is eating at African restaurants in Melbourne. I think I’ve done I’ve done all the ones in inner Melbourne (apart from The Abyssinian in Kensington) that are not in Footscray (where there are many). The most recent one was Little Africa on Victoria St North Melbourne.

My companion and I ordered a mixed platter, and I think it was better than the food at the Horn. The fish in particular was amazing, and the injera was fresher. The lentil dishes were similar to those at Nyala, but there were less vegetables. The platter consisted of 3 meat (chicken, fish and beef), 2 lentil and 1 vegetable dishes (and a green salad). Id’ have preferred 2 of each. Nonetheless,¬†Little Africa has great food and genuine charm. It’s small, so getting in may be easier earlier in the week and/or not at peak dinner time. They also serve coffee with ginger in it, which is invigorating.

littleafrican dinner at Little Africa on Victoria St North Melbourne

dinner at Little Africa on Victoria St North Melbourne

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  • 2 December 2013 at 3:57 pm

    Nice spot – prefer this restaurant to the fitzroy/collingwood ones, but not quite as good value as footscray! If you’re interested in exploring more, may I suggest African Taste in Seddon? Their fufu dish (albeit non-traditional) is a Melbourne classic!
    Also, for West African food, there’s African Village in Dandenong which specialises in Gambian & Senegalese dishes and Food Afric in Sunshine which is run by Nigerians but also offers some Liberian & Sierra Leonian food. I’d like to see more w African places in Melbourne (and more Caribbean for that matter), that would really round us out as a true global food city. Interesting that, while there’s about 30 Ethiopian restaurants in Melbourne, there’s only one in all of Sydney! The reverse is true for Brazilian joints (although 2 are opening up in Melbourne this month, finally!)

  • 14 November 2015 at 9:25 pm

    Brian we had a work get together there last Tuesday, fantastic little venue, the food was great and how it is all served up and talk about cheap! I don’t normally drink beer but had a Castel African beer which was very good. All in all everyone said it was great value and I noted a number of diners were very Ethiopian looking which adds to the value for money in my opinion, they are an amazing looking people.


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