The original Endis cafe on the corner of Brunswick and Victoria streets closed some months ago, and it has reopened a block away on Victoria St on the corner of Fitzroy St in the space of the former Shire cafe, which closed at the start of the year.

Endis is of the old school variety of breakfast and lunch cafe, with a variety of meals on the menu and no discernable theme or concept. The coffee is reasonable and the food is cheap and adequate but not sophisticated. My eggs benedict was acceptable, and cheap at $10.50, but nothing special. The eggs were perfectly cooked but the ham was cool from the sandwich bar.

What you see is what you get, and you get what you pay for. Endis is not competing for hungry hipsters. There’s not many of this kind of place left, but I believe there is still an audience for it and others.

endis2 breakfast at the new Endis cafe on Victoria St

I found it odd at the time when the old Endis closed that there was no note in the window informing people of the closure or the proposed move. The old venue still has no sign directing customers to their new location, though there is an A frame board on the corner opposite. I wonder how many former regulars have managed to find it?

endis1 breakfast at the new Endis cafe on Victoria St

breakfast at the new Endis cafe on Victoria St

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