After such a fine breakfast the day before at Pilgrim, I doubted it was possible for Hobart to offer anything better, but it did in the form of breakfast at Pigeon Hole, which also made the best coffee I had during my visit, even better than Pilgrim and Parklane Espresso (in Salamanca Square). Outstanding.

Pigeon Hole is serious about its food and its provenance. We sat next to a mother and teenage daughter. The mother seemed to be the helicopter type who had to do the thinking and speaking for the daughter. She asked for avocado on toast for the daughter (which was not on the menu). The polite but firm response of ‘we only serve what is in season’ left her momentarily speechless and I’m certain the daughter managed a minuscule smile at that. The daughter seemed very satisfied with her sourdough toast, house-made butter and local honey and even asked for more butter.

pigeonhole2 breakfast at Pigeon Hole in Hobart

We ordered the baked beans with raclette (above) and the croque monsieur (below). My partner reported the beans to be delicious, but I had to question calling the cheese on top raclette. I’ve eaten raclette from the dairy stall famous for it at the Borough market in London and it looks like this. It’s rather over-reaching to call a modest amount of grated cheese, which has then been melted under a grill, raclette. It has to be melted on the cheese wheel, then scraped off in great thick slabs to be raclette. But I digress…

The cheese Pigeon Hole is using is wonderful. The croque monsieur was of the kind without additional bechamel on top, which is fine with me if the filling inside is as generous and delicious as it was in this instance (you can read more about various recipes if you wish). We departed with chocolate chip cookies to eat on our walk to the Cascades Female Factory.

pigeonhole1 breakfast at Pigeon Hole in Hobart

Pigeon Hole has been reviewed more than Pilgrim. Perhaps for Melbournites, its location out of the CBD in quietish West Hobart reminds us of back street inner city Melbourne cafes, and thus it may receive more visits by foodie tourists. High street locations are so last decade. Back streets are so hot right now.

It’s been reviewed reverently by locals including Occasional food fairyKeep calm and cook moreAndrew and Food side of life, and by visitors including Easy as vegan piePoppet’s window and Chommery. If you read all these posts before arriving in Hobart, how can you not visit?

I can’t claim that Pigeon Hole is the best cafe in Hobart as I didn’t try them all. I can only say it is excellent despite its slight hipster pretension for misleading me and getting me all excited about raclette and then disappointing me when I realised they weren’t really serving it.

To finish, if you like cheese porn, watch raclette being made at the Borough market.

breakfast at Pigeon Hole in Hobart

One thought on “breakfast at Pigeon Hole in Hobart

  • 21 October 2013 at 8:39 pm

    Great write up (and thanks for the mention)! I’ve enjoyed the reviews from your time in Tasmania. It’s easy to think everything’s bigger and better on the mainland when in fact we have a pretty good range of cafes and restaurants to choose from in sleepy old Hobart.

    You make an interesting point regarding the raclette. I suspect that the confusion may arise from the fact that the term raclette can be used to either describe the cheese alone, or the Swiss dish made with that cheese. Regardless, I’d love to try that lunch at the Borough market!! Looks very tasty.



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