When I’m travelling I want to experience the best of where I am. There’s no time for making it up as I go and hoping to randomly find good places to eat. I research a number of places, and have a list from which I can choose based on my mood and plans. Based on my research on Hobart cafes, Pilgrim and Pigeon Hole sounded like the best two so I planned to visit them both.

First, Pilgrim in the Hobart city centre. The coffee is very good and the food exquisite. Locals Andrew and Rita, as well as Victorians Petit pixel design and Where’s the beef?, rate Pilgrim highly and I understand why. Sublime food and friendly service makes for happy customers. Below: smoked salmon salad with flowers and wasabi and placki (Polish potato pancake, which was more like a rosti than a pancake) with bacon, fennel salad, egg and horseradish creme fraiche.

pilgrim2 breakfast at Pilgrim in Hobart

pilgrim1 breakfast at Pilgrim in Hobart

breakfast at Pilgrim in Hobart

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