Overdosa (Facebook and Twitter) is a pop-up dosa cafe located in the Rose St warehouse of Mottainai vintage bicycles (Facebook), which is next door to the Rose St markets. They’re open from 11am – sunset on weekends cooking dosas to order. There’s a range of chutneys to accompany them including coriander and coconut.

We tried all 3 varieties, with the eggplant and pea being my favourite. The tamarind pumpkin is also delicious and the potato masala is merely the least exciting, but not least enjoyable, variety as I have had that many times at other places, such as Namaste on Lygon St Carlton. Each comes with a carrot salad. The poppers are great too.

overdosa1 delicious dosas at Overdosa on Rose St

Whereas dosas are made with a fermented batter containing lentils and rice, the poppers are made only from lentils. Everything is gluten free and vegan, so everyone is catered for. I think that within a few weeks people will be queueing out the door and down the street for dosas on Rose St.

overdosa3 delicious dosas at Overdosa on Rose St

The success of Horn Please in North Fitzroy shows that people are not tired of Indian food, as the recent closure of some Fitzroy Indian restaurants may suggest. But they do want something new and interesting. Whereas Horn Please has followed the upmarket refashioning of street food approach akin to many restaurants serving repurposed Mexican street food, Overdosa keeps its food simple and informal, closer to its street origins, while still giving it something new.

overdosa4 delicious dosas at Overdosa on Rose St

overdosa2 delicious dosas at Overdosa on Rose St

delicious dosas at Overdosa on Rose St

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