Meh. I’m not in the mood for writing at the moment. But there’s lots of great content being produced about Fitzroy at the moment, from black and white street photography to a new food blog focussing on Fitzroy. There’s lots of graffiti photos, more food reviews and Occupie Fitzroy is on a mission to visit and review every cafe in Fitzroy and the surrounding area.

Nouveau potato is doing lots of reviews of Fitzroy cafes from a vegetarian perspective, and Where’s the beef? have continued to review regularly in Fitzroy too. So you’re not lacking for infotainment…

suggested reading

2 thoughts on “suggested reading

  • 28 September 2013 at 1:02 pm

    Thanks Brian. Might bump into you one day whilst walking around Fitzroy :) Been reading your blog for some time now, good stuff.


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