Howler is an enormous new bar / restaurant in Brunswick between Sydney Rd and the railway line off Dawson St. Compared to most venues, which have a larger inside than outside, Howler has an extensive outdoor space that is several times larger than its interior.

My friend and I were impressed with the cocktails – a whiskey sour for her and the King of Kraken for me – run, pomegranate and cinnamon. We also ordered a light meal. They offer dumplings, spring rolls and spicy salads.

howler drinks and dinner at Howler in Brunswick

We selected two kinds of dumplings (the menu is not on their website and I cannot remember exactly what they contained), crocodile and lemon myrtle spring rolls and a papaya, pineapple and chili salad. Howler is very new and I forgave them the fact that the dumplings were lukewarm by the time they arrived at our table. I think the staff were surprised by how many customers they had on a Monday night. The crocodile spring rolls were really good and the salad too.

The huge outdoor space is going to be epic in warmer weather. Once the kitchen gets into a rhythm this place is going to be very tempting to return to.

drinks and dinner at Howler in Brunswick

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