Floating Dragon in Lakes Entrance is an unusual regional restaurant. As far as I can tell the menu is reasonably authentic Cantonese cuisine. The food is certainly of very good quality and it is relatively expensive, with somewhat slow but very friendly service.

Located on a pontoon floating in the harbour of Lakes Entrance, Floating Dragon has novelty and great views to add to its excellent food. Even on a wet and stormy night it was calm inside, though you could occasionally feel the movement of the water beneath.

My party of three began with a seafood sampler to share for entree, featuring: the best prawn toast I have ever had; prawn cigars, rice net noodle spring rolls fat with scallops; and a pile of the freshest and most tender squid.

floatingdragon1 dinner at Floating Dragon, Lakes Entrance

We then shared half a roast duck with hoisin sauce, Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and steamed rice. The wine list is also reasonable, with the Cannibal Creek chardonnay being a great match with the seafood. The meal with three glasses of wine came to $129, which is perhaps more than you would pay in Melbourne, but for a small regional town it was outstanding.

floatingdragon2 dinner at Floating Dragon, Lakes Entrance

dinner at Floating Dragon, Lakes Entrance

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