I have revisited the suburb of my youth, East Victoria Park in Perth. While many things have changed, and gentrification is underway (sadly thirty years too late for my liking), many things remain familiar.

The main street through the suburb, Albany Highway, used to be a wasteland of car yards and gangland kebab shops with a few Chinese restaurants. It’s now far more cosmopolitan, with apartment buildings on many of the sites of the former car yards, and many more cafes and restaurants.

But there’s still something rather Kath n Kim about it as these photos demonstrate. This is my Albany Highway Worst of Perth homage: a dinosaur stealing VB from a bottle shop, an amusingly named gun shop, a pet shop selling ‘Barf’ pet food and a Lotus Exige ruined by a lame private licence plate. Dude, you have a cool car, but you’re not Batman.

evp2 stay classy East Victoria Park

evp1 stay classy East Victoria Park

evp3 stay classy East Victoria Park

evp4 stay classy East Victoria Park

stay classy East Victoria Park

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