I’ve read a few reviews of Dansk, the modern Nordic restaurant in Denmark House, the Danish club on Little Bourke St, and have been keen to try their food for some time. It seems unclear whether the restaurant is open to the general public, as numerous bloggers have reviewed it and it is listed on commercial review sites, but their website says it is open to members and their guests.

The reviews are generally positive but some question the value, though not the quality of the cuisine. In any case, I was primarily interested in trying the smorgasbord. By the time I got around to calling, Christmas was approaching and I learned that they were holding a number special Christmas smorgasbords, and I was fortunate to secure a table for two for lunch on Saturday.

denmarkhouse2 Christmas smorgasbord at Denmark House, Little Bourke St

There were three main sections: cold food, hot food and dessert. The cold food is mostly seafood: prawns; smoked salmon; fish ‘frikadeller’ (like fritters); crumbed fried fish; marinated herring with curry salad; ham; cold roast beef; chicken salad with bacon; and various salads and accompaniments including capers and dill sauce. Naturally I started by attempting to eat my own weight in seafood.

denmarkhouse3 Christmas smorgasbord at Denmark House, Little Bourke St

Next, the hot food: roast pork with red cabbage and pickled cucumber, roasted duck legs with apples and prunes; caramelised potatoes; Waldorff salad; and sides like beetroot and pickled rhubarb. Roast duck and pickled rhubarb are made for each other.

denmarkhouse4 Christmas smorgasbord at Denmark House, Little Bourke St

Finally dessert: risalamande with warm cherry sauce, pebernødder (small biscuits flavoured with cardamon, similar to the German pfeffernüsse), klejner (fried pastry), small danishes, fresh fruit and cheese and crackers. Tea and coffee was also served.

denmarkhouse1 Christmas smorgasbord at Denmark House, Little Bourke St

The club itself is a light airy bar/restaurant space on the third floor with elegant furnishing and a calm ambiance. Some of the reviews of the a la carte dinner mention it not being very full; this is obviously not what I experienced, as the club was full and there was a festive atmosphere with members and friends celebrating the start of the holiday season.

I thought the whole experience was wonderful, with the food being delicious and the staff very welcoming. The bar has a good range of wines, beers and ciders. I had a glass of Frankland Estate ‘Isolation Ridge’ chardonnay and my girlfriend had a Rekorderlig cider.

If you have any doubts about whether you’ll enjoy the food, the best way to confirm it would be to go to a forthcoming smorgasbord. I also advise you to prepare: eat only lightly the night before, then have no breakfast. You’ll need no dinner either if you make the most of lunch. I recommend trying it, and having a long siesta afterwards.

Christmas smorgasbord at Denmark House, Little Bourke St

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