This is an email I received received recently from some freeloading entrepreneur, followed by my response. When will they learn that false flattery does not impress me?

I would firstly like to say I really like your blog / website and I think you are doing an amazing job at revealing Melbourne’s hidden gems. I have noticed that you look specifically in Fitzroy however I am working with a Melbourne / Geelong artist at the moment who has a few galleries around Australia and I was wondering if you could possible have a look at the site / blog / artwork and give me some feedback. I have already mentioned your blog on all my social platform and would greatly appreciate your help as you seem to know what your doing. I would also be happy to write an article about your site as well to help your exposure out.

My response:

I may be too tired to see a potentially nice interpretation of your email. It seems to me you are saying ‘I have done you a favour’ (by promoting my site) although I didn’t ask you to do this and don’t need it, and therefore ‘you should do me a favour’ (giveĀ  you free advice).
Here’s some free advice: I don’t like being guilt tripped into giving free advice. I don’t need your help with my exposure. Here’s a bonus: learn some grammar. It should be ‘you’re’ in ‘know what your doing’ (sic).
Try someone more gullible.

guilt trip entrepreneurship

One thought on “guilt trip entrepreneurship

  • 5 December 2012 at 9:13 pm

    i think you’ve just made my day. All the times that I thought I “should” write something cheeky in my moment of grouch, I never did.


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