The graffiti reads ‘who made up the rules?’ It’s on Queens Way near the corner of Chapel St, Windsor.

whomadeuptherules an excellent question

an excellent question

One thought on “an excellent question

  • 27 October 2012 at 4:31 pm

    A good question.
    The Answer. Lawyers.

    Australia was founded as a penal settlment. From that settlment a lawyerocracy was sporned. It ensured that it makes the rules and remains unaccountable to the citizens of Australia. It represents itself on all law reform committees where it has formed a cartel. It ensures that any law reform that will reduce its financial plunder of Australian families will never be enacted into law. It is essential that we as the citizens and representatives of the families who comprise this country are allowed to shape and form our laws.

    Who made up the rules.


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