I have a new HD video camera that is attached to my helmet. I film my rides so, should I get wiped out by some ignorant violent driver, I will have the evidence to sue them as well as making a criminal prosecution more likely to be successful.

Look at this monster truck moron pulling out onto Smith St last week. I’m riding in the left lane that is unusually empty of parked cars. When turning right onto a two lane street like this drivers should move into the right lane, which is closest to them. Instead, this one swerves over into the left lane and nearly wipes me off the road. I had to slow down to avoid them because they evidently didn’t care about my existence.

As the vehicle on the main part of the T junction I also had right of way, and the driver was required to give way to me, but s/he probably didn’t even see me. Cyclists, it’s time to hold drivers to account for their crimes. We have a right to health and safety on the roads.

The driver of black monster truck WOE 600 is a violent thug who took a swing at me with two tonnes of metal then overshot a red light and threatened pedestrians in a few seconds. This person does not deserve a driver’s licence. It’s a privilege and a responsibility, not a right.


monster truck moron of the week

2 thoughts on “monster truck moron of the week

  • 8 September 2012 at 1:12 am

    I’ve been biking on Smith Street for a few years and it’s by far the worst road for cyclists. If it’s not big trucks, its the Woolies drunks/druggies/mentally ill crossing the street without giving a shit, the hipsters on their iPhones, parked cars slamming their doors open and then there is of course being wary of not lodging your tires in the tram tracks.

    I’ve been mulling over getting a camera on my helmet. What camera are you using?

    • 8 September 2012 at 1:29 am

      After doing a lot of research I chose the Contour Roam, and am pleased with it. A camera is not as good as they naked eye, and you need high resolution in order to capture simple things clearly when in motion. It’s default setting of 1280 x 720 lost me some potential content as on playback I could not see the license plates clearly, but switching to 1920 x 1080 fixed that.

      For that reason I don’t recommend the tiny ones that only do 640 x 480 – you won’t get any useable content out of them. The Go Pro looks great but is larger and heavier and I can’t see it being comfortable mounted on a helmet.


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