This comes courtesy from the Fitzroy Residents Association. If only they put all the detailed information they send by private email into the public domain on their website. Of course I volunteered to help and advised them to do that more than a year ago, but it came to nothing and, once again, I digress…

Local residents David Wilson and Daniel Docherty from Shifting Plate food events will be engaging in community consultation over the coming weeks for a proposed monthly food fair to be held at Grub Food Van and Nelson Alexander’s private car park on Moor St and Fishers lane in Fitzroy.

They hope to give young chefs from local restaurants an opportunity to showcase their talents in a relaxed outdoor market environment on the third Sunday of every warm month from midday till 9.30pm. The chefs will turn local Victorian produce into reasonably priced fabulous food with the market also featuring boutique local wines and micro brewery beers.

This will be a sophisticated foodie event with a focus on minimal disruption to local residents and best practice environmental management. The event will raise money for charities like the Fitzroy Legal Service. David and Daniel are seeking feedback so please can email them at and tell them what you think.

local food fair proposal

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