After venturing south into Balaclava for lunch a couple of times the week before I reverted to heading north along Chapel St last week. The Mission cafe in Prahran used to be a place for the down and out to get a cheap meal, but its now hipster central with a contemporary menu. The cafe is part of a catering business that supports the work of the Praharan Mission and also provides employment opportunities for the disadvantaged.

Their pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich on a brioche bun with enough mustard to make your eyes sweat is a revelation, and the coffee is good too. I’ll be returning here.

missioncafe southside lunchings 5

At Mileto’s I had a good chicken schnitzel burger with coleslaw, tomato and cheese. Coleslaw is so hot right now. Good thing I love it. Their coffee is good too, and I like the atmosphere inside. Another place worth returning too.

miletos southside lunchings 5

At Thai to go on Chapel St I ate a very mild massaman curry with beef, potatoes and rice. It was average and nothing memorable or worth returning for.

thaitogo southside lunchings 5

southside lunchings 5

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  • 9 July 2012 at 10:57 pm

    thank you very much for coming into the mission cafe. we have been working very hard to change the image of the cafe.


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