With the cold, wet and windy weather last week I wanted mountains of hot satisfying food for lunch, and Windsor can satisfy such cravings. Tyranny of Distance, just of Chapel St on Union St, makes a great burger (below) with masses of potatoes and a reasonable coffee. See reviews by Gourmet chic, Eat and be merry and The Chommery.

The only thing I don’t like is this trend away from chips. Like the fish and chips at the nearby Railway hotel, the meal came with potatoes that were not chips. I’m a burger traditionalist. I like my burger with chips, and my roast dinner with potatoes. I first noticed this at the Tramway, and it seems to be one of the current Melbourne food trends.

tyrannyofdistance southside lunchings 3

My favourite place of the week was Dukes, which has excellent coffee and some tempting sandwiches including this one with hot shredded beef, mustard and coleslaw.

dukes southside lunchings 3

Finally, perhaps the most satisfying lunch was at Yellow Bird, whose jalapeno chilli burger is outstanding, even if the shoestring fries were not that hot. Their coffee was the weakest of the three I’ve reviewed here, and the service was the slowest. See Eat and be merry again for another review. I think I’ve satisfied my burger cravings for the time being and hope I’ll find something different for lunch next week…

yellowbird southside lunchings 3

southside lunchings 3

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