While in Albany over the weekend I enjoyed a very good breakfast at Vancouver cafe with friends. After a terrible coffee experience at another Albany cafe (for unknown reasons, cafes in WA routinely turn anything called a latte, flat white or even macchiato into a huge hot milkshake with a mere hint of coffee), I warned fellow visitors to order their coffees with less milk than they would usually have in Melbourne to compensate. Vancouver did better than most but I ordered espresso just to be safe.

Fortunately the food was really good. From the top down: the charming exterior; a German omelette with bacon, onion and mushrooms; claypot with venison sausage, zucchini, peppers, feta, mushrooms and poached egg; and a mega breakfast (with the eggs replaced with spicy beans), sausages, mushrooms, tomato, bacon and rosti. All came with a variety of toast, which is lovely touch.

The owner and chef had catered for a wedding I attended the previous day in the lovely grounds of Oranje Tractor winery, so I knew the breakfast would be good as the reception lunch had been outstanding. According to the locals I talked to at the wedding and then breakfasted with, Vancouver is the best cafe in Albany and it is somewhere I would be happy to return to if I am ever that far from home again.

vancouver1 breakfast at Vancouver Cafe in Albany

vancouver2 breakfast at Vancouver Cafe in Albany

vancouver3 breakfast at Vancouver Cafe in Albany

vancouver4 breakfast at Vancouver Cafe in Albany

breakfast at Vancouver Cafe in Albany

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