Fitzroy has lost two Thai restaurants over the last couple of years, Sukhothai (Johnston St) and Sala Thai (Brunswick St), so it was good to see Buubbub Burmese / Thai restaurant open recently on Smith St in the former premises of Beelzebub / Tango Charlie.

Smith St is becoming the hub for Thai and nearby cuisines in Melbourne, with the long established Vilom Thai being joined by Mamanee, Easy Tiger and the Thai / Laos Yim Yam.

The girlfriend and I went there for dinner the other night. The dining space is simply presented but the welcome is friendly. There are a few wines and beers available but you can also BYO like at Yim Yam. According to Where I ate last night, it is owned by the Burmese Kitchen on St George’s Rd, North Fitzroy.

Buubbub1 dinner at Buubbub Burmese / Thai restaurant on Smith St

We shared the yellow split pea curry with chicken and the fish cake curry with some steamed rice and roti served with peanut sauce. The split pea curry has a thin souplike curry sauce reminiscent of the curries I remember from the Burmese Kitchen. It’s tasty but the fish cake curry is the better dish, with the coconut milk based curry differing from a typical Thai curry with the use of curry leaves, which gives it a richer flavour.

Buubbub2 dinner at Buubbub Burmese / Thai restaurant on Smith St

There’s some contested views about the quality of the food at the Burmese Kitchen since the sale of the business by its Burmese founder c2010. I loved their food when I ate it regularly c2003-2005 but I have not been there since, so I don’t know how their current offerings compare to what is available here.

I liked the food at Buubbub and I am sure I will return. Accessibility seems reasonable, there are numerous vegetarian options on the menu and it is reasonably priced.

We are fortunate to be so well served by the cuisines offered by restaurants like Buubbub. Fitzroy also has plenty of Vietnamese food. All we need now is for Bopha Devi to open a branch of its Cambodian restaurants (Yarraville and Docklands) in Fitzroy!

dinner at Buubbub Burmese / Thai restaurant on Smith St

One thought on “dinner at Buubbub Burmese / Thai restaurant on Smith St

  • 4 April 2012 at 2:40 pm

    it’s the same menu as Burmese kitchem, from which i get take away regularly. I got take away from Buubbub recently, but preferred the same dishes from Burmese kitchen. Fortunately they still deliver to the area.

    might have been teething problems, and i’ll give it another go at some point.


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