This post will interest about three people but whatevs. In 1988 David Bowie rerecorded his 1979 song ‘Look back in anger’ with soon to be Tin Machine guitarist Reeves Gabrels and used the music for a dance performance he did with Canadian ensemble La La La Human Steps.

He’s a bit partial to recycling is our Dave, so he then used the extended rerecorded version as the starting point for a new Tin Machine song, which during 1989 had the working title of ‘Now’.

It was never released by Tin Machine, but guitarist Gabrels remained Bowie’s songwriting partner and lead guitarist for the 1990s and it eventually became a solo Bowie song again.

In 1994 the now complete ‘new’ song was recorded and become ‘Outside’, the title track of the album he released in 1995.

In 1995-1996 Outside was performed live during the Outside tour, as seen here at Lorelei in Germany (I saw it a few months earlier in Milan).

from Look back in anger to Now to Outside – the evolution of an obsession

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