I’ve had a drink or two at Grumpy’s Green on Smith St in the past year but I don’t think I’ve eaten there since 2009. The crinkle cut chips are gone and the menu is very different, though still mostly vegetarian with a token meat page containing only a couple of dishes. Last week I had the halloumi burger with eggplant and pesto, which comes with excellent chips. The food may have improved, but the menu itself is horrific. Every opportunity to misuse apostrophes has been taken advantage of, such as ‘pizza’s’ (sic). I find it hard to stomach.

halloumigrumpys dinner at Grumpy's Green on Smith St

dinner at Grumpy’s Green on Smith St

One thought on “dinner at Grumpy’s Green on Smith St

  • 17 January 2012 at 10:20 am

    You sound like a writer after my own heart! So nice to see someone else gives a damn about good English. Best regards, P. :)


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