Just as I compared Taqueria to Mamasita, I can now compare Liverpool’s Host to Melbourne’s Chin Chin – upmarket informal contemporary pan-Asian fusion cuisine. £33 ($50) gets you (from the top down) an entree of pork belly in a honey, peanut and coriander sauce (accompanied with a gentle fruity glass of Nero d’Avola), a main of crispy skin duck with pickled carrots and parsnips (and a glass of an astonishing South African cinsault / ruby cabernet blend from Living Rock with hints of star anise and other spices) and a dessert of sticky toffee pudding with tamarind icecream and creme Anglaise.

host1 dinner at Host in Liverpool

host2 dinner at Host in Liverpool

The only disappointment was a mediocre espresso (presumably made with a fully automatic machine given by how fast it was delivered). Finding good food in Liverpool proved somewhat difficult (though I did not try some of the fine dining restaurants on Hope St) but Host (which is also on Hope St) was commendable.

host3 dinner at Host in Liverpool

dinner at Host in Liverpool

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