I caught up with a good friend and we saw author Will Self being funny and rude at a book launch in Soho then we went for Chinese at Golden Day, which does Hunan province food. We had sticky black pepper beef, smoked pork and pickled turnip stirfry (Hunan has an emphasis on smoked meats and pickled vegetables) and eggplant and green beans, plus rice x2 and beers x4 = £50. It’s been positively reviewed by Eat love noodles, Lizzie eats London, I eat everywhere and the Guardian and if I had the time I’d go back for more…

goldenday1 dinner at Golden Day in Soho

goldenday2 dinner at Golden Day in Soho

goldenday3 dinner at Golden Day in Soho


dinner at Golden Day in Soho

One thought on “dinner at Golden Day in Soho

  • 8 November 2011 at 8:21 am

    Looks damn good! Envy your book launch experience with Will Self also…


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