I ate Mexican at Taqueria in Notting Hill last night, which is similar in concept to Mamasita in Melbourne – smart upmarket modern Mexican. I sat in the window looking out onto the street, drank my hibiscus drink and nibbled on chilli roasted peanuts. Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear shuffled past looking grumpy.

taqueria1 dinner at Taqueria, Notting Hill

I ordered ceviche (above), shredded pork, green salsa, pickled jalapeño, diced onion and coriander tacos (below) and espinacas al mojo de ajo (garlicky spinach).

taqueria3 dinner at Taqueria, Notting Hill

All were excellent and the spinach (below) was amazing – it was not just garlicky but smoky too.

taqueria4 dinner at Taqueria, Notting Hill

A beautiful pregnant latina woman with skin like dolce du leche and an American accent sat at the next table. She ordered quickly as if she was familiar with the menu. She attacked her first plate of tacos and asked the waiter quite abruptly where the rest was!

taqueria2 dinner at Taqueria, Notting Hill

The churros were not the best I’ve had but their espresso was very good. All this for £22 inc 12.5% service charge (about $35). I was impressed.

taqueria51 dinner at Taqueria, Notting Hill

Previous reviews are mostly positive but older ones are generally less complimentary. Based on how the restaurant now appears, it has had a significant interior and exterior makeover in recent months, and now looks as smart as the food is. From 2009 see Tamarind and thyme and Gourmet chick. From 2011 see Eat review, London randomness, Constant traveller and Gourmet traveller.

dinner at Taqueria, Notting Hill

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