Attic is a relatively new bar above Black Pearl on Brunswick St. You go up the stairs at the back, ring the doorbell then hopefully get admitted to the bar. It’s quite large but still feels intimate, warm and dark, with a fine view of Brunswick St below from the windows at the front. It’s somewhere where you can relax and enjoy the environment while still hear your friends talking.

I was there recently with a group of friends and we enjoyed it immensely. The bar does a few snacks and the terrine was appreciated by those that ate it. I recommend a ‘Sinbad the Sailor’ cocktail, which is more like a dessert in a glass than a cocktail. Describing it as a fancy Irish coffee explains how it looks but does not adequately describe the taste. The cocktail menu is extensive and the staff were most accommodating, which makes me want to return.

attic drinks at the Attic at Black Pearl on Brunswick St

drinks at the Attic at Black Pearl on Brunswick St

One thought on “drinks at the Attic at Black Pearl on Brunswick St

  • 14 November 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Killed two birds with one stone on Friday night – checked out The Attic, AND finally tried one of BP’s famed espresso martinis. And it did not disappoint. Of course then I had to have a regular gin martini, in keeping with my usual BP downstairs bar tradition… heh heh…


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